Air exchange rates up to 2,000 m³/h and maximum filter effect

  • High air exchange rates due to volume flows of up to 2,000 m³/h
  • Effectively filters 99.995 % of aerosols from air in the room

H14 HEPA Filter installed according to EN DIN 14644-3

  • The RoomGuard uses H14 HEPA filters in accordance with EN 1822 and draws on the entire expertise of CRT’s cleanroom experts in terms of design.
  • Proof of correct installation of the HEPA filter in accordance with EN DIN 14644-3 before delivery by a CRT metrologist
  • 100% functionality test of the entire unit before delivery / set-up

Multiple soundproofing and maintenance-free operation

  • Noticeably quiet when in operation due to multiple sound insulation: 2-fold in the air flow and additional surface insulation of the entire casing.  
  • Maintenance-free operation due to continuous monitoring of the pressure difference of the filters. The unit signals a necessary filter change in advance.  

Intelligent air distribution and expert initial setup

  • The adjustment nozzles on the top of the unit make it possible to optimise the air distribution through intelligent adaptation to local conditions
  • Initial setup by experienced personnel is possible

Freedom to customise your RoomGuard

  • We offer you the option of individual colour selection (RAL) for the powder coating as well as optional wrapping with individual designs
  • Also, the option to combine it with furniture construction on site is possible for maximum discreet operation


We are more than happy to inform you about prices, technologies, and customisation options.

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